One day prose poem workshop this Saturday

This Saturday, Oct 20th, I'm teaching a one day prose poem workshop for UCLA Extension. It's not too late to enroll. It'll be fun. Hope to see you there.

Here's the class description:

Writing that Fine Line: A Prose Poem 1-Day Workshop 
What's the difference between the prose poem and a piece of short fiction? When should the poetic line give way to the poetic sentence? These are just some of the questions that are answered in this workshop on the prose poem. Other topics include imagery, metaphor, repetition, rhyme (yes, there could be rhyme in a prose poem), surrealism, and prose poem as fable. These give you a new understanding of the prose poem and a toolkit to draw upon for continued writing. Throughout the day, you put your new insights into action as you receive writing prompts from which to write your own prose poems in class. Practitioners of the art are discussed: Charles Baudelaire, Charles Simic, Nin Andrews, Pierre Reverdy, Peter Johnson, and Russell Edson, to name a few. You also receive a bibliography of prose poem books to guide your continued engagement in the form.